Welcome to TA Dedicated

Instructor: Kelsey Boland

Orientation Terminal Address:

3400 International Park Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(651) 688-4750

We are pleased to have you as a professional driver on our team. The following information is designed to serve as an introduction to the orientation procedure and provide resources that will help you make a smooth transition into your new position as a TA Dedicated driver. Below you will find a guide for travel, what to bring, and a basic list of what to expect during orientation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions prior to orientation.

  • Pick up the rental car at the time it is reserved for, being late can sometimes cause issues renting the car.
  • No smoking in the rental as it may result in additional charges, this goes for pet damage and additional cleaning as well.
  • Gas tank must be refueled (on full) before returning the vehicle. If you pick up a rental that isn't full of fuel, notify your recruiter immediately. Please return vehicle by due date unless otherwise instructed. If you still have the car when class starts, please inform your instructor right away. If you are unsure of where the rental needs to be returned get with your recruiter so you have a clear understanding of that.
  • Some Drivers require round trip rentals while others do not, please be sure you understand which type of rental you have prior to arriving.

  • Flights can be provided for travel that exceeds 12 hours, if you are on a plane make sure you follow the TSA packing guidelines and arrive at the airport 2 hours early.
  • Checked Bags: We will not cover the cost of checked bags unless you are seating a truck at orientation. Please keep this in mind when packing for your trip.
  • Carry-On and Personal Items: The airlines we use allow one carry-on bag and one personal item per passenger. For a 3-day trip such as orientation, it is not necessary to check a bag. We encourage you to pack efficiently and utilize these allowances to avoid additional expenses.
  • Buses will be provided for drivers who are traveling within 6 hours from the orientation site.
  • We will reimburse in orientation for any Uber or taxi fares accumulated while traveling to the airport, rental car, or hotel. Please save receipts and turn those in during class. If you do not have the means to get yourself an Uber, please let your recruiter know and they can assist.

Drury Inn and Suites
1270 Virginia Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30344

Additional Information:

  • BE DOWN IN THE LOBBY AT 715 waiting to head to the orientation location.
  • The hotel offers a free shuttle to/from the airport which includes rental car returns or pickups.
  • Breakfast starts at 0630 am and Dinner is at 530-700pm.
  • Look for the Drury shuttle it runs 22 hours a day from 0400-0200.

  • Valid Class A CDL from your state of residence.
  • Driving school certificate (if required)
  • Social Security card. (If you don't have your SSC, you can bring your Passport, Passport Card, or your Birth Certificate.)
  • Proof of citizenship/work authorization (if applicable).
  • All pages of your current DOT physical or medical card.
  • UDS and Hair Test Chain of Custody forms (given to you at drug screen appointment).
  • Birth dates/social security numbers of dependents for health insurance.
  • Checking or savings account routing and account numbers for direct deposit.
  • Parking at home or remote location? Bring name of location, directions and name of person granting parking permission.
  • Personal spending money.
  • Personal gear, please bring appropriate seasonal clothing, work boots or shoes (no sandals), work gloves, personal hygiene supplies and medication if needed.
  • Bedding for your tractor

  • Drug screening - urinalysis and hair test if not already completed
  • DOT physical exam will be taken if you have not given us a copy of your current one. Physicals with less than 90 days will require a new one.
  • Classroom instruction
  • Driver evaluation - Road, Backing, and Working Safely test.

Orientation Details:

  • Classroom time can sometimes run up to 3 days
  • If drug tests and physicals are completed prior to the first day of class, this might shorten the time to get into a truck.

Orientation Pay and Reimbursements:

  • You will be paid $250/day for orientation a 2 day orientation on your first paycheck.


  • Hotel room for the duration of orientation process
  • Transportation to and from orientation site
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Travel Reimbursements:

  • Your travel costs will be reimbursed by EFS check during class after you turn in your receipts.

Jump start on Orientation:

  • You should have received an email or a Pulse message from Tenstreet titled “Training Updates” please consider logging in and getting a head start on your orientation videos and paperwork. This will help make sure your orientation is efficient and will prevent any delays with paperwork.

Thank you again for choosing TA dedicated!

After hours emergency travel number, this phone is only manned after hours, please contact your recruiter during business hours M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm cst. 651-503-6340